Chrysocolla Tumbled Bracelet

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One of my favorites - it reminds me of a soothing beach with it's texture and colors, absolutely in love with it! Especially paired with Malachite tumbled bracelet, they look beautiful together!

Chrysocolla calms, cleanses & reenergizes all the chakras. It draws out guilt, heals heartache & increases the capacity to love. Improves communication & opens psychic vision. Encourages self-awareness & inner balance. Imparts confidence & sensitivity.

Chrysocolla enhances personal power & inspires creativity. Overcomes phobias by drawing out negativity & supplying motivation. Reduces mental tension. Promotes truth-telling & impartiality. Alleviates guilt & brings in joy.

It has the ability to bring harmony, increase wisdom and guide you toward discretion. It promotes level headedness, encouraging clarity of thought and a neutral, calm attitude during turbulence by purifying the home, environment and the mind.

Chakra - Throat & Heart

Chrysocolla tumbled stones stretchy bracelet.

All of our stones & crystals are natural & come in different shapes, sizes, & colors.

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