Moonstone + Strawberry Quartz Chip Bracelet

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Made with high quality strongest 1mm transparent elastic.

Moonstone - for new beginnings!

Moonstone can help you understand your emotions & gain a higher perspective on their meaning & purpose. It can also enhance patience & helps you remain objective when receiving empathic information from others.

Filled with receptive, passive, feminine energy, it makes it the perfect stone to help balance male-female energies & helps men who want to get in touch with their feminine side. It is the perfect antidote for the excessively macho man or overly aggressive female!

This is also a stone of reflection, helping you look within using the powerful tool of self observation for self improvement & spiritual growth while also calming over reactions to situations & to emotional triggers.

Strawberry Quartz carry a strong vibration of positive energy & are excellent amplifier stones. This means that they help enhance the strength of the vibration of other stones!

It has the ability to bring energies of universal love into your life making it great for the Heart Chakra, but it also has amazing grounding properties helping your Root Chakra.

With this combination of two beautiful stones, prepare for some great realization, reflection within & manifestation of absolute universal love surrounding you!

Chakra - Solar Plexus, 3rd Eye, Root, Solar Plexus, Heart, Crown

Moonstone with Strawberry Quartz stretch chip bracelet.

All of our stones & crystals are natural & may come in different shapes, sizes, & colors.

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