Abalone Shell Bracelet

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Truly one of my favorites & pictures certainly don't do this beauty justice!!

Since abalone gradually develops in the ocean, it's associated with the emotional tides we face. Helping us balance emotions & motivation.

Abalone can inspire you to be more sensitive.

It helps you see things from a different perspective so you can approach situations with a clearer mind as opposed to acting on emotions. That way, you can respond to other people's words and actions appropriately while considering their feelings.

Since abalone stabilizes your emotions and makes it easier for you to communicate them, it can help you sustain your relationship.

Besides that, abalone can help you and your partner keep things interesting, especially if your relationship has lost its spark.

Chakra - Crown, 3rd Eye, Heart

1 stretch Abalone shell bracelet. Made with high quality 1mm transparent elastic.

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