Blue Apatite + Lava Rock Bracelet

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Blue Apatite is a motivational stone, promoting independence & ambitiousness.

A stone of the Throat Chakra, Blue Apatite helps with public speaking & enhances group communication. However, it is also a deeply spiritual stone with a cleansing influence on the aura making it highly attuned with the Third Eye, helping improve concentration & memory skills, & is a good crystal for study purposes. It aids in time management when working on projects, too.

A dual-action stone, known for its use of personal power to achieve goals.

It clears away confusion, apathy, & negativity. This healing gem stimulates the intellect to expand our knowledge & gain an understanding of truth.

Lava Rock to help you with some extra grounding that helps strengthen your connection to Mother Earth.

Giving you strength, courage, & promoting stability through times of change. It provides guidance & understanding in situations where we may need help to "bounce back".

Chakra - Throat, 3rd Eye, Root

Blue Apatite with Lava Rocks 6mm round bead stretch bracelet

All of our stones & crystals are natural & may come in different shapes, sizes, & colors.

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