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The Quickest Guide on Buying Natural Stones You Must Read

Confession time: Hey, do you believe that natural stones have healing properties affecting your mind, body and soul? For some, it’s YES, while many do not believe it. 

And, if you have faith in this and want to buy natural stones, you should know first how to identify fake and real ones since it is really difficult to say just at a glance.

Need help? Let us guide you.


This natural stone has an incredible healing, protective and purifying power. It just does not enhance your willpower but brings forth your spiritual wisdom. And while buying, the best ways to differentiate real and fake amethyst are below:

  • Real amethyst has colour variations instead of one solid shade. You can catch the hues beneath its surface by holding it in the light.
  • Look for the threads beneath its surface to check the clarity.
  • Test the hardness of the stone. It’s a hard gem. 

Rose quartz

Rose quartz brings trust in relationships and provides comfort during hard times while encouraging love and self-worth. The quickest tricks to identify the real stone are:

  • Look for the bubbles beneath its surface. Its presence signifies the sign of fake rose quartz. 
  • Take a close look at its colour and check if it is rosy and uniform. Vivid pink or transparent rose quartz is fake. 
  • Real rose quartz has imperfections, like lines within it.
  • Real rose quartz can make a mark on the glass.
  • Does your rose quartz feel cool while picking it up? It’s likely real. 


Do you want to spark your creativity, concentration and enthusiasm? Citrine is the perfect natural stone to buy. Plus, this gem helps release negative emotions while encouraging optimism and mindfulness qualities. To shop for real citrine, look for the following things:

  • Abrupt colour change at different points of the stone means it is fake.
  • Real citrine does not have eye-visible inclusions
  • Tiny air bubbles within the stone indicate it is fake

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is a master healer, amplifying energy, helping with energetic system balance and enhancing concentration. But when you buy this natural stone, make sure it is not fake. Here’s how:

  • Real ones scratch the glass
  • Cool to touch
  • Visible imperfections, inclusions inside the stone
  • Distorted objects while looking through it 
  • Real clear quartz does not burn
  • Glows under UV light

Tiger’s eye

Do you need a motivation boost? This golden natural stone may be for you. Tiger’s eye will help you with conscious decision-making and get rid of negative emotions. For the real gem, find these physical characteristics:

  • Look for golden brown stripes
  • Look like glass while holding in light
  • Scratch the glasses

Red Jasper

This natural gem protects the wearer from negative vibes while absorbing the negative energy and empowering your spirit by promoting courage and confidence. The following ones are the sign of fake red jasper:

  • Bright acidic shades, like vivid purple, bright pink, lemon yellow or intense green
  • Semi-transparent
  • Easy to scratch by knife or glass
  • Patterns and veins


It’s a belief that this natural stone promotes the willpower and mental strength of the wearer by stimulating the second and third eye. To find the differences between a fake and a real pyrite, look for these:

  • Real stone can withstand glass or knives without scratches.
  • Observe its unique colouration
  • Take a close look at its structure, like a cubic form.
  • Check its smell by rubbing it against any hard substance. The odour should be rotten eggs. 

Black Tourmaline

Two primary properties of this natural stone are protecting and shielding against negative energy and removing it. To ensure that you have bought a genuine black tourmaline, check these:

  • Lustre, which should be an intense black shine
  • Test the hardness. It doesn’t scratch easily.
  • Examine the stone surface for tiny cracks, roughness and fissures.
  • Visible inclusions, like strings or red patches

Bottom Line

So, are you interested in buying natural stones? Count on us! At Crystal Munchies, we offer only genuine natural stones and crystals while having an endless collection for you. Browse our shop now!