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What Do These 6 Gemstones Symbolize

Gemstones are popular among many cultures. Gemstones have been prized not just because of their beauty but also for their special power to heal, guide, protect, and enlighten. You will be amazed to know that since the Stone Age, crystal amulets were in use to protect against any sort of harm and for decoration purposes. Having gems in your jewelry not only makes them look appealing but may also bring many other benefits.

Let’s discover the true meaning of the top 6 gemstones that people often use in their jewelry. You can find them on the nearby online gemstone shop

Amethyst Gemstone

Ancient Greeks associated Amethyst with the Wine god Dionysus and believed that this gemstone might protect them from drunkenness. If you understand the word from the Ancient Greek perspective, amethystos meant “not drunk”. Amethyst is believed to keep the wearer quick-witted and clear-headed. Here is the big revelation! According to the words of the famous artist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci, amethysts boost intelligence and protect against evil thoughts. Amethyst may help enhance the level of meditation among Buddhists, and this gem is very popular for Tibetan prayer beads. There are other cultures that have associated amethyst with balance, peace, and courage.

Ruby Gemstone

Ruby has long been revered for its power of protection. Ruby is believed to promote health, knowledge, love as well as wealth. As per the historical reference, rubies were traded early in 200 B.C.  Chinese royalty buries rubies under the building foundations for good fortune. According to Hindu belief, offering rubies to God Krishna may help them return as an emperor in the next life. Rubies were believed to predict danger according to the belief of the middle ages. A ruby amulet, charm, or pendant symbolizes emotional balance, harmony, and contentment. Ruby in general amplifies intellectual awareness, compassion, creativity, energy, courage, honor, etc.

Sapphire Gemstone 

Blue is the color of fidelity and sapphires are the preferred gem for engagement rings (especially before diamonds came into the picture in the 20th century). Sapphires are associated with royalty and have been used in royal jewels. Sapphires stand for spiritual clarity, abundance, and blessings, good health, and innocence.

Lapis Lazuli Gemstone 

Lapis Lazuli is another name for a wisdom stone. This stone is believed to protect from mental attacks and psychics. Many believe that this celestial blue gemstone may bring harmony, peace, self-awareness, and honesty. Lapis Lazuli is believed to help with different ailments including inflammation, insomnia, depression, and vertigo.

Rose Quartz Gemstone Meaning

Rose quartz is basically a healing crystal that offers a powerful vibration of love. Those who look for the right stone to support emotional and relationship health, often prefer to wear Rose quartz stones in their pieces of jewelry. These beautiful stones are primarily believed to help one open himself and receive love in their life.

Turquoise Gemstone Meaning

People have associated special powers with turquoise since ancient times. Native American tribes of the Southwest used to wear turquoise as an amulet for protection, and in ancient Persia (and even in modern-day Iran) people believe that wearing turquoise can protect one from the “evil eye” which means the ill wills of others.

Bottom Line

There are many other gemstones that people use and each gemstone symbolizes specific things. 

If you are willing to attract good physical or mental health, good luck, protection, wealth, or anything, you may try out the authentic gemstone offered in pendants, earrings, bracelets, rings, etc. 

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