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Top 9 Healing Stones and Crystals: Effects, Uses, and Where to Purchase

“Do crystals or stones really come with such powers?” It will probably be the first question if you have no faith! But with a little bit of research, you can see that the use of healing stones and crystals has remained a practice in almost every culture across the world. 

In fact, it is evident that wearing stones and crystals was just the right of royalty to enjoy their influencing effects. But, with the emergence of technology, anyone can own these powerful natural gemstones now, whether it be bracelets, necklaces, or even rings. 

But if you are unsure whether such natural stones and crystals really work, and if so, what their uses are and which one is best for you, read on in today’s blog. 

Best Healing Stones and Crystals: Their Effects, and Uses 

According to ancient cultures, each natural crystal and stone has unique healing powers due to its exceptional mineral formations. For instance, some can clear your mind, some promote a loving home, while a few purify the air in your home. 

We have discussed the top 9 healing crystals you can buy according to your needs and conditions. Such as:

Clear Quartz

This one is probably the most powerful natural crystal of all due to its versatility. It is believed that Clear Quartz amplifies the intention and energy of other stones near it, protecting against negative vibes while relieving pain and introducing you to your higher self. In fact, wearing this crystal jewelry, like a pendant, can enhance your aura and strengthen it as well. 


Speaking of the most important or well-rounded healing crystals, Amethyst comes at the top of the list. It is everyone’s favorite for activating spiritual awareness and overall healing. From promoting your skin to strengthening your joints and soothing your headache to eliminating your usual fatigue- This natural stone ensures pleasant and restful sleep for years. It’s great to wear an amethyst as a ring.  


Looking to spark your concentration or attention? Citrine is the perfect healing stone to expand creativity, enthusiasm, and attentiveness. Also, it boosts memory, mindfulness qualities, and even optimism. No wonder this natural stone would be great to keep on your office desks! It is also known as the stone of manifesting abundance, luck, wealth, prosperity and success. 

Lapis Lazuli

This natural crystal is made of three minerals- Pyrite, Lazurite, and Calcite. Its usage has been going on since the ancient era, at the time of Hebrews. There is a belief that Lapis Lazuli aids the nervous system, thyroid, and immune system while alleviating pain, migraines, fevers, and headaches. If you experience any of these conditions, wearing a Lapis Lazuli pendant, bracelet, or ring can be helpful. 


Of all healing stones, Topaz is a great choice to stimulate, heal, align, and recharge the meridians of your body, spreading energy where it is required most. Also, this natural crystal brings good health, joy, and generosity. You can keep a raw Topaz in your home, like the living room, or put it on as a bracelet. 


Feeling low, depressed, or lacking confidence? This healing crystal can bring your willpower back and encourage you no matter which condition you are going through. Also, it cleanses your negative energy chakras and re energizes them to get back your confidence. You can buy these healing crystals as mini tubes to keep on your office desk or at home or wear as an anklet or bracelet.


If you are a business person, decision-making skill is all you need, especially when your company is going to undertake bigger projects. And if you want to improve your decision-making skill, agate is the perfect natural crystal to place in your office room or on your desk to get the most out of it. It just doesn’t improve mental ability but stability and clarity as well. 


For thousands of years, the use of Bloodstone crystals has been popular for its healing properties, like detoxifying and purifying the body. In fact, many people believe that this natural stone works great for the cold while not feeling well. You can wear a Bloodstone bracelet or cone necklace for maximum effect.


These days, Jade heart pendants and bead bracelets are quite popular. No wonder the reason behind this is its unique healing power for adrenal glands or kidney problems. Also, this crystal is effective for balancing energies within and keeping your mind calm. 

Bottom Line

So, which one do you think is best for you? Let us know.Now, speaking of where to buy these healing stones and crystal jewelry online, browse the endless collection at Crystal Munchies! Shop now!